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Monthly Archives: March 2015

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In What Ways Has Sex Become more free

In the past, few people could talk about sex publicly. A lot of people felt offended when anything to do with sex was mentioned. In some societies, young boys and girls were taught how their bodies change during puberty, but they were not taught how to improve their sexual lives. Generally, people felt embarrassed to talk about their sexual lives. However, perceptions have changed drastically nowadays. A lot of people do not feel offended when the subject is discussed publicly. Instead, most people follow the subject with a lot of interest. Therefore, sex is no longer a taboo subject in most societies.  

So, in what ways has it become less of a taboo subject?Well, a lot has changed in the twenty-first century. The sexy vixens on researched and found the following are some of the ways in which sex has become less of a taboo in most parts of the world:

  1.  Some religious denominations have embraced sexual education.Nowadays, some religions allow sex education to be taught to married people. For example, the Catholic church teaches its married followers some principles that will help them to become more responsible men and women. The church has spearheaded the opposition to the use of condoms as it believes they can cause massive moral degradation. It teaches its followers to embrace the rhythm method instead of relying on any form of contraceptive. This shows that religion has also understood that sex is an important subject which should not be considered a taboo.
  2. Governments in many countries/ states have introduced sexual education to schools.Most governments in the world have already introduced detailed sexual education that benefits teenage boys and girls. Sexual education in schools has significantly helped to change perceptions that people have about sex and health. Nowadays, school boys and girls discuss the subject freely as they have changed the mentality that the subject is a taboo.
  3. Technology has made it possible for almost anyone to access and read adult materials.With the advancement in technology, anyone with a device that can access the internet can read about the subject from numerous sites on the internet. In fact, there are too many porn sites which people visit when they want to learn more about sex or to satisfy their curiosity. Unfortunately, some of these sites have no mechanisms for verifying that they are being accessed by adults! Young boys and girls can also access the sites and download some of the erotic videos, photos or pages.
  4. The spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections have warranted sexual education to all people.In an attempt to minimize the spread of HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted infections, governments and health workers from all over the world have embraced sexual education to all. This education is meant to create awareness that will help people minimize the chances of acquiring the infections. Nowadays, gynecologists educate people about sex on TV and on radio. Sex therapists also use television and the radio to educate people on how to improve their sexual lives.

So, was it good to change the perception that people had?It is good not to regard sex as a taboo subject. Offering sexual education to young people has many benefits, for example, it has enabled them to make wise decisions regarding their sexual lives. In addition, it has enabled them to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Needless to say, sexual education prepares teenage boys and girls to become responsible men and women. If the perceptions did not change, young people might not benefit from sexual education since it would not be offered in schools.