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There is nothing I will not do for my love

I am happy that I found a girl who I will marry for sure. The one that is always there for me all the time, and make my life more meaningful to live. Having someone who will never stop loving you is a great choice. Always remember that there presence means a lot to me. She is there for me to hold my hand and help me in all of my difficulties and struggles. Life may sometimes unfair but it should never stop us from doing what we do. There is no one like my Luton escort like to me. She is everything to me. I am happy that she is there for me all the time to help me figure out my life. She is the coolest person I know in life, even when we are kids I admired her so much. She is our neighbour before, many people finds her pretty as she is pretty too. After they became our neighbours, I didn’t think that we could be best friend. She is the kind of girl that is friendly and sweet to everyone. I heard that she and her family came from Luton. She has her grandma her, while her parents came once or twice a year to visit them. Katrina is the one who company her grandma after she was reported to be ill. I admired how Katrina takes good care of her sick grandma. At first I am shy of taking to her or introducing myself but inside of me I am eager to know her. It was my birthday, I told my mom to have a party at home since it’s my first time asking favour to her during my birthday. She said yes to me. I think of inviting Katrina, it might be the very first step of being friends as their house is 6 steps away from us. My mom sends an invitation letter to them. I thought she wouldn’t come as time goes late. But later on she went to our house and. brought presence for me. She told me that it was only handmade but with a heart. I never was feeling so special than before, I was really blushing because her presence is enough to me. We talked a lot that time; my attention is only focus to her as she is the first reason of everything. She told me that she would enrol the same school with me so that means that we can be a classmate. I am so happy that we’ve been together for 8 years, but she have to go back to Luton after her grandma died and sell the house. I was really frustrated because I never had chance to tell her my feelings. Years passed, I went to Luton to search for her. Until I know that she works as a Luton escort. She blooms into a beautiful woman. The feelings I have for her are still the same. This time I am not wasting any moment to show my love to a Luton escort.

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